Chios has so much to offer to the traveller: historical sites, architectural wonders, beautiful landscapes, undiscovered beaches, clean waters, good food, and much more.

The south is dotted with Mastic Villages, like Kalamoti, Mesta, Pirgi, Olympoi, Lithi, Armolia. Most of them preserve their medieval fabric. During the summer months in the countryside you will notice the mastic trees letting their valuable ‘tears’ fall on the white ground. The villages were typically founded at a distance from the shore, due to the danger of pirates. They preserved little ports for fishermen and trade, which have now turned into beautiful beaches. Such are Komi, Emporeios, (with its fantastic Mavra Volia beach), Vokaria. Notice the viglas, observation towers dotting the shoreline, reminiscent of past, dangerous times.
Don’t miss the little bay of Lithi, where you can enjoy great seafood at Kyma, a family-run tavern.

While the south traded valuable mastic, Kampos offers traces of a different architectural and economic wonder – the mansions and citrus tree orchards. Dating from the Genovese period (1346-1566) and continuing their activity until the 20th century, they will amaze you with their red-yellow stone walls, their cisterns and sophisticated interiors. Citrus Museum offers a full experience.

Don’t miss Nea Moni, an 11th century Byzantine monastery, and the nearby villages of Avgonyma and Anavatos. Anavatos won’t be easy to spot! Hooked on the cliff, it blends beautifully with its surroundings.

The mountaineous north of the island will not disappoint you. Do not hesitate to discover its routes, taste some wine at the Arioussios winery, and end up for a swim near Volissos.

You will find that Kantounia hotel is the ideal starting point for explorations all across the island. Whether your dream is jogging in the nearby orchards, cycling to the villages and beaches of the south-east or driving to every corner of Chios, Kantounia will be a great place to begin or end your day.

We are confident that Chios will win your heart, and we wish you an enjoyable holiday. We will be here for you any time you want to return!

Nea Moni Monastery

A well at the Citrus Museum

A vigla (observation tower) on the way to Lithi

Map of Chios
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