The village lies 25 km away from the city of Chios (Hora), which accounts for half an hour by car. In the Middle ages it used to the the administrative centre of the 21 Mastic Villages. It is a fortified settlement which was very prosperous during the Genoese and Ottoman periods. Its walls, according to circumstance, either protected the inhabitants from pirates, or regulated, through the few gates, the very profitable mastic traffic.
The vaults and arches, projecting over the streets, allowed the village to expand within the restricted area of the fortifications and, most interestingly, allowed inhabitants to move from roof to roof in times of danger. Alternatively, in more recent times (as Maria Stefanaki, the owner of Kantounia, remembers from her own childhood) the connected roofs became the elevated playground for the children of the village who play hours long, crossing from one end to the village to the other, away from the eyes of the elders.

Enjoy the local traditions and discover routes for walking and jogging!

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